Japanese woodprints. Kawamura Bumpo : Bumpo Soga


Bumpo Soga (文 鳳 麁 画)

Book illustrated by Kawamura Bumpo 河村 文鳳 (1779 - 1821), an artist from Kyoto, who greatly influenced Hokusai for his Mangas.

This is his first e-hon, originally published in Kansei 12 (寛政 12), that is 1800. The second ehon is called "Bumpo Kanga" (1803).
He then published three sketchbooks : Bumpo Gafu (1807), Gafu Nihen (1811) and Gafu Sampen (1813).

The publisher is Eirakuya Toshiro (永楽屋東四郎) in Nagoya, who also published the Hokusai Mangas.

The present edition is from around 1850.

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published in 1848